A Bibliography on the Numerical Solution of Delay Differential Equations
Christopher T.H. Baker, Christopher A.H. Paul & David R. Wille
Delay differential equations, numerical solution, stability, applications
Report No.
15th June 1995
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The aim of this bibliography is to provide an introduction to papers and technical reports in the field of delay differential equations and related differential equations. In addition to the title, authors and reference of an article, we provide the abstract which, if the article has previously appeared as a technical report, comes from the published paper unless indicated by a `+'. The main interest in this bibliography derives from the references to early papers and technical reports in the field, as nowadays on-line search facilities (such as BIDS in the U.K.) provide access to the most recent publications. Althought it is hoped to keep the bibliography up-to-date, most immediate effort will be invested in extending the collection of earlies references - as it is far from being exhaustive. The up-to-date bibliography is only available by anonymous ftp, since it is hoped to update it regularly.
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