Mathematical Formula Tables


The following links are to the Mathematical Formula Tables produced by the Mathematics Department. This gives the same information as the pink-covered booklet and the yellow-covered booklet available in exams.

Currently the tables are available in and pdf format. These can be downloaded and/or viewed with Adobe Acrobat. You can access the individual sections or the tables as a whole.

pdf file
pdf file of all tables All Tables
The Greek Alphabet greek.pdf
Indices and Logarithms indices.pdf
Trigonometrical Identities trig.pdf
Complex Numbers complex.pdf
Hyperbolic Identities hyperbolic.pdf
Series series.pdf
Derivatives derivs.pdf
Integrals integ.pdf
Laplace Transforms laplace.pdf
Z transforms z.pdf
Fourier Series and Transforms fourier.pdf
Numerical Formulae numerical.pdf
Vector Formulae vectors.pdf
Mechanics mechanics.pdf
Algebraic Structures algebra.pdf
Statistical Distributions prob.pdf
The F-distribution fdist.pdf
The Normal Difstiburion normal.pdf
The t distriburion tdist.pdf
The Chi-squared distribution chi2.pdf
Physical and Astronomical Constants physics.pdf

The files provided here represent version 2.0 of the formula tables i.e. dated September 1999.

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