EPSRC Maths Dept Grants

From EPSRC website retrieved on Thu Oct 2 21:18:01 BST 2008

This table lists each Maths and stats department separately as this is how it is done by EPSRC. Scroll down to see sorted list by institution.

Cambridge DPMMS
Cambridge DAMTP
Cambridge Total
Imperial Maths
Imperial Total
Oxford Maths
Oxford Statistics
Oxford Total
Bristol Maths
Bristol Eng-Maths
Bristol Total
Warwick Maths
Warwick Stats
Warwick Total
UCL Maths
UCL Total
Nottingham Maths
Nottingham Total
Bath Maths
Bath Total
Manchester Maths
Manchester Total
Edinburgh Maths
Edinburgh Total
Sheffield Pure
Sheffield Prob-Stat
Sheffield Appl
Sheffield Total
Glasgow Maths
Glasgow Stats
Glasgow Total
Leeds Applied
Leeds Pure
Leeds Total
Durham Maths
Durham Total
Liverpool Maths
Liverpool Total
Strathclyde Maths
Strathclyde Total
Southampton Maths
Southampton Stats
Southampton Total
Aberystwyth Maths
Aberystwyth Total
KCL Maths
KCL Total
Queen_Mary Maths
Queen_Mary Total
York Maths
York Total
Cardiff Maths
Cardiff Total
Birmingham Maths
Birmingham Total
Royal_Holloway Maths
Royal_Holloway Total
Reading Maths
Reading Total
Lancaster Maths
Lancaster Total
Loughborough Maths
Loughborough Total
Newcastle Maths
Newcastle Total

"League table" using totals

NUniversity Total pounds
1 York
2 Warwick
4 Strathclyde
5 Southampton
6 Sheffield
7 Royal_Holloway
8 Reading
9 Queen_Mary
10 Oxford
11 Nottingham
12 Newcastle
13 Manchester
14 Loughborough
15 Liverpool
16 Leeds
17 Lancaster
18 KCL
19 Imperial
20 Glasgow
21 Edinburgh
22 Durham
23 Cardiff
24 Cambridge
25 Bristol
26 Birmingham
27 Bath
28 Aberystwyth