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MATH19861: Mathematics for Foundation Studies (0N1)

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Table of Symbols

When sending emails related to the course, you may wish to copy and paste mathematical symbols from the following table.

intersection  ∩
union  ∪
subset  ⊆
not a subset  ⊄
proper subset  ⊂
not a proper subset
element  ∈
not an element  ∉
emptyset  ∅
symmetric difference

equivalent  ≡
for every  ∀
exists  ∃
conjunction "and"  ∧
disjunction "or"  ∨
conditional  →
biconditional  ↔
less or equal  
greater or equal  

Past exam papers: some warnings

Be aware that the syllabus may have changed, making some questions no longer relevant to the course you are taking. The number of questions may also have changed.

In January 2019 the examination paper will consist of 8 questions, each worth 10 marks. Any six of these questions should be answered. The mark will be out of sixty and will count 60 percent of the credit for this unit. A mark of 60 for the exam plus 40 percent in coursework will allow 100 percent to be scored for the course unit.

In this particular course unit, no calculators or formula tables can be used in tutorial classes or in the examination.

Email Policy:

  • Always check this  FAQ, page before sendiing a question by email.
  • When sending e-mail messages to staff, students should include a meaningful subject line. This should always include the name of the mathematics module e.g. "0N1 Tutorial". Without a meaningful subject line (and especially with a blank subject line) messages are very likely to be mistaken for spam and deleted. 
  • Students are also STRONGLY encouraged to use university e-mail accounts when contacting staff. I reserve the right to delete, without reading, e-mail messages sent from e-maill addresses outside of the University.
  • If you ask questions, ask only one question in an email. If you  need to ask more questions, send them in separate emails with separate subject lines.

  • Email: alexandre.borovik >>at<<
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