Alice Thompson

Alice Thompson
I am a lecturer in applied mathematics at the University of Manchester. My main research interests are in fluid dynamics, in particular flows with strong surface-tension or free boundary effects:
  • Bubble and drop dynamics at low Reynolds number
  • Bifurcations of bubbles and drops, and how they are affected by patterning
  • Hele-Shaw cells
  • Coalescence and pinchoff
  • Reduced-dimensional models
  • Feedback control of thin films
  • Industrial mathematics and mathematical modelling
  • Spreading dynamics and post-deposition behaviour in inkjet printing
I did my PhD at the University of Nottingham, working with Prof. John Billingham. My postdoctoral was at the University of Manchester (2011-2014), supervised by Prof. Anne Juel and Prof. Andrew Hazel, and at Imperial College London (2014-2016) working with Prof. Demetrios Papageorgiou.
Contact details
My current email address is I have also listed as contact details on previous publications.
In 2015/16, I taught the second half of MATH 10232 (Calculus and Applications B).
I will be teaching MATH 64062 and MAGIC058 (PDEs: Theory and Practice) in spring 2017, for MSc applied mathematics students at Manchester, and for PhD students in the MAGIC network respectively.
I am co-organiser (with Dr Chris Johnson) of the Physical Applied Mathematics seminar series in Manchester.