Study Abroad

The School of Mathematics participates in the University Study Abroad programme, which has two parts. Study within the European Union comes under the ERASMUS programme, and all other study abroad is through the WorldWide Exchange Programme. The University of Manchester International Office (IPO) houses the Study Abroad unit, which organises Study Abroad Fairs, Information Sessions, fees, and the application procedure; selects participants and assigns them to host universities; briefs and debriefs participants, etc. Each School has an Academic Exchange Adviser (AEA) for ERASMUS and an AEA for WorldWide Exchange. The AEAs work with the IPO to determine academic eligibility, help applicants plan their academic programmes, articulate the marks conversion process for students gaining academic credit for the year abroad, and convert students’ marks abroad to a Manchester mark for each term abroad.

For the academic year 2016-2017 the ERASMUS AEA is Dr Mike Simon  and the WorldWide Exchange AEA is Dr Carolyn Dean. This information sheet pertains primarily to WorldWide Exchange. Students should contact Dr Mike Simon or the Teaching and Learning Office for information about ERASMUS.

The University has many partners throughout EU and the world; the Study Abroad website maintains a full list. A list of WorldWide Exchange partners suitable for students in the School of Mathematics may be found on the reverse of this page. Students in the School on four year degree programmes may apply to go abroad either for the whole of Year 3 or for Year 3, Semester 1. The application is made during Year 2. The key academic requirement for WorldWide Exchange is a marks criterion: in Year 1 students must have an overall average mark of 65% and in each semester of Year 2 students must have average marks of 60%; furthermore students must have passed all course  units on the first attempt (absent mitigating circumstances). In addition, the Study Abroad selection team looks for students who can make a strong case for the academic, social, cultural and personal development that will result from studying abroad whilst at the same time demonstrating from past experience and future plans how they will be good ambassadors for the University of Manchester.

Students who go abroad on Worldwide Exchange for one semester pay only the usual tuition fees to the University of Manchester. Home and EU students who do Worldwide Exchange for two semesters are currently offered a fees discount.

ERASMUS offers a generous fees structure, also.

Early in Semester 1 all Year 2 students in the School are invited to an information session on WorldWide Exchange. An IPO representative and Dr Carolyn Dean discuss the programmes in further detail, and recently returned students share their experiences. If you are interested in exploring the programme in Year 2 watch your University e-mail account from early September for further details of this session. Most students who go abroad find the experience enhances their lives, sometimes dramatically, both personally and academically. If you are interested in exploring the opportunity we look forward to seeing you early in the Autumn Semester.

WorldWide Exchange Host Universities for Students in the School of Mathematics

There may be slight changes to this list from year to year.

The University of Melbourne The University of Queensland The University of Sydney

The University of British Columbia McGill  University
Queen’s University Simon Fraser University University of Toronto

New Zealand
The University of Auckland

Arizona State University
University of California (all campuses) Colorado School of Mines
Indiana University
University of Illiinois, Urbana-Champaign University of Kentucky
University of Maryland
University of Massachusetts, Amherst University  of  Missouri
North Carolina State University University of North Carolina Rutgers University (New Jersey)
Stony Brook University (Long Island, New York) University of Vermont
Wellesley College (women only)

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