Health and Safety

To help familiarize yourself with Safety Regulations you will have to complete an online Health and Safety course in year 1 as part of the MATHS1000 Study Skills Module (Induction). Students must complete this course by the deadline. Failure to do so will prevent students from accessing their January examination results.

The School of Mathematics’ Safety Officer is Tony McDonald (, Tel: 0161 275 6118). You should report any health and safety risks or accidents in Alan Turing Building to the Officer. Students can also report Health and Safety matters through the Student Forum or the Staff Student Liaison Committee which meets twice per semester.

The University's Health and Safety website provides further information.

Fire Safety

If the fire alarm sounds continuously you must leave the building immediately using the nearest fire exit and assemble at the Fire Assembly Area which is the paved area opposite the University Place Building. Lifts must not be used. In Alan Turing Building the fire exits are at the main entrance, at the bottom of each staircase and at both ends of the ground floor atrium. After an evacuation you must not re-enter the building until you are allowed to do so by Fire Service personnel or University security staff.

The alarm system is tested every Monday at 08:00am. There is no need to evacuate the building at these times unless the alarm is continuous.

First Aid

If you need first aid you should contact a local First Aider or University Security 0161 306 9966 (internal tel: 69966). In Alan Turing Building the First Aiders are:

Francesca Moss (room G.204 tel: 0161 275 5899)
Sebastian Rees (room G.204 tel: 0161 275 4632)

Ask at reception. The AED (defib) unit is also available from reception in the Alan Turing Building.

Out of Hours

The Alan Turing Building closes at 6pm weekdays Monday-Friday and all weekend (Saturday-Sunday).  This is mainly due to health and safety concerns and therefore the building remains accessible ONLY to staff, PGR, PGT and 4th year MMath students. The exception being that the building is open until 8pm during the January and May examination periods.

The following can be used by all students outside normal working hours for use of general purpose clusters:

MMath year 4 students must complete the ‘Out of Hours’ online course to obtain access to the building outside the normal working hours.  The relevant course can be found in the Study Module MATHS4000 at the beginning of your fourth year.



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