Mathematics with Financial Mathematics (3 Years) [BSc]

Year 2 Programme Structure

The 2nd year of this programme consists of 80 credits of MATH and BMAN compulsory (a mandatory requirement) course units, and 40 credits of MATH optional course units in semester 2 from the list below, totalling 120 credits.  

It is also recommended that you take MATH20201 compulsory course unit in the first semester for a 70:50 split, otherwise you will have to take MATH20201 in your third year, which would prevent you from taking BMAN21020 or BMAN21040 20 credit course units in your third year.

Please note that you will need to pass BMAN10621B and/or BMAN10632 with a mark of at least 40% as a first attempt or you will not be permitted to take any BMAN units with these courses as pre-requisites.

Students on this programme can subsitute a MATH optional course unit with a University College (UCIL) course unit with permission. Students will need to complete the appropriate outside course unit form to require permission from the Year Tutor.

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