Mathematics with a Modern Language (4 Years) [BSc]

This course combines a mathematics core with a choice of modern language. You can choose from French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian or Spanish, and in year 3 you will study in the country of your chosen language.

Increasingly, mathematics graduates with strong language skills are in high demand. Combining mathematics with a modern language will allow you to live and work abroad, widening your career options.

This course has two slightly different versions: post-A level and beginners level. You will follow the post-A level course if you have achieved a grade A or B (or equivalent) in your chosen language. If this is not the case then you will follow the beginner's level course. At present we do not offer beginner’s level in French.

Each year you will split your time between mathematics and your chosen language. In year 3 you will either study abroad under the ERASMUS scheme or by arrangement through a country specific department within the University. Alternatively you can opt to undertake a paid teaching placement abroad.

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