Mathematics (4 years) [MMath]

 If you have a desire to work as a professional mathematician in industry, commerce, or higher education then this course will provide you with the more advanced level of study needed to work towards this aim.

This four year MMath course retains most of the flexibility of the BSc course and is an ideal fit if you are mathematically gifted and want to keep your career options open. Support is on hand throughout your studies in the form of tutorials, careers service and a peer assisted study scheme (PASS). We also provide a Mathematics Resource Centre that is on hand to offer help outside of lectures and tutorials.

In each year you must earn 120 credits by taking a combination of ten and 20 credit course units. Year 1 and the first semester of year 2 will consist of core units. In year 3 and 4 all units are optional, except that the forth year must include 30 credits of project work.

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