Mathematics and Statistics (4 Years) [MMath]

This course has been developed to meet a need within business, medicine and government for mathematics graduates with knowledge of statistics. It is accredited by the Royal Statistical Society and graduates automatically qualify for the Society’s Graduate Statistician status.

You will be suited to this degree if you expect to use statistics in future employment and you wish to gain the capacity to analyse problems and to interpret evidence using appropriate statistical methodology. You can choose to take either Mathematics and Statistics BSc or MMath. Whether you proceed to the MMath qualification or not is a decision that will be made in year 2 and will depend on your performance on the course so far.

In each year you must earn 120 credits by taking a combination of 10 and 20 credit course units. Year 1 and the first semester of year 2 will consist of core units. After that your options must include an appropriate number of units in probability and statistics.

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