4. Tier 4 and International Students

4.1 International students

On your arrival at the University, you must go the Student Services Centre with your passport and visa to allow them to take a copy of the documents as required by the UKVI.


Students requiring specialist tutorial assistance and welfare arrangements should contact International Advice Team, Student Services Centre, Burlington Street (275 5000).



4.2 Tier 4 audit for international students

The School needs to provide a report to UK Visas and Immigration on attendance and progression of students who entered the UK under Tier 4 of the points-based system. 


The audit is a requirement of the Home Office and the University is obliged to hold this 4 times per year.  You must attend the audit when required or the university will have no option but to inform the Home Office which could have serious implications for your visa and your ability to continue your studies with us.


Under Tier 4 you are required to maintain an up to date UK address.  You must therefore ensure that you have a valid local address registered in our student system under your TERM TIME ADDRESS at all times via MyManchester.


Under Tier 4 you are obligated to inform the School when you return to your home country or leave the UK.  You must inform the School (via e-mail) when you plan to leave the UK and your return dates.  We can then inform Home Office of your authorised absence if contacted by immigration.


Your audit may take the form of a face to face meeting with administrative or academic staff, or it could take another form (eg registration card collection, monitored attendance at supervisions, tutorials and support classes, attendance at examination).  You will be sent an e-mail notifying you of audit points and be given documentary confirmation that you have been included in the census at each audit point.

4.3 2016-17 Census Dates:


Census Point


October 2015

26 September - 7 October 2016

January 2016

16 January - 27 January 2017

May   2016

18 May - 7 June 2017

July   2016

(Postgraduate Only)

17 July - 28 July 2017

4.4 English Language Classes

The School of Mathematics runs a course of English Language courses suitable for MSc taught students ‘English for Postgraduate Mathematicians’.  All international and EU students are expected to undertake a dignositic test in Welcome Week and may be allocated a place on this course depending upon their results. 

4.5 Support for international students

Students from outside the UK may wish to take part in the activities of the International Society, including their Welcome Service. See the website at http://www.internationalsociety.org.uk. Other help for International (non-EU) students is available from the University's International Advice Team  http://www.studentnet.manchester.ac.uk/crucial-guide/academic-life/immigration.

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