15 Complaints and appeals

The University of Manchester recognises that students may have legitimate reasons for complaining about their course, the facilities or services provided, or other students or staff. It is hoped that most complaints can be resolved by a student taking up the matter directly with the staff concerned, or with the Head of School. However, it is recognised that this is not always possible and the University’s Student Complaint Procedure is designed to provide students with a fair procedure for resolving complaints that cannot be dealt with by informal means. Further information about the formal complaints procedure is given in Regulation XVIII, which is downloadable from the website:



Regulation XVIII ‘Student Complaints Procedure’ can be downloaded from:



15.1 Grants and awards problems

You should consult the School's Teaching & Learning Office for any queries relating to the payment of either tuition fees or maintenance.


15.2 Accommodation problems

You should consult the Accommodation Office, First Floor, University Place, Oxford Road, ext. 52888, http://www.accommodation.manchester.ac.uk/ with any enquiries relating to your student accommodation.


15.3 Equal Opportunities, Sexual Harassment

Students having problems in these areas should contact the Student Support and Services, John Owens Building, ext. 52071; http://www.studentnet.manchester.ac.uk/crucial-guide/academic-life/


15.4 Academic Appeals

Academic appeals A formal academic appeal is a process which may be used by students who wish to appeal against a decision of a board of examiners, or a progress committee, or a graduate committee or equivalent body which affects their academic status or progress in the University. Formal academic appeals are considered at Faculty level: the University encourages students to try to settle any issues with their School in the first instance, so you should only proceed to a formal academic appeal if this process has concluded unsatisfactorily.


If you are thinking of making an appeal against an academic decision about your work you should begin by reading the University's policy for academic appeals in full. This can be found at: Regulation XIX: Academic Appeals http://documents.manchester.ac.uk/display.aspx?DocID=1872.


You cannot appeal just because you disagree with the result you have been given. An appeal which questions an academic judgement is not permitted. If you would like to understand your result by finding out where you went wrong then make an appointment with the relevant academic in your School.


15.4.1 Making a formal appeal

The appeal form must be submitted to your Faculty Office (not your School) within 20 working days of notification of the result or decision against which you are appealing. In the case of refusal to allow a student permission to take an examination on the grounds of unsatisfactory work and attendance, the appeal must be submitted within 10 working days of notification of the decision to allow sufficient time for the appeal to be considered. You need to make the appeal in writing using the Academic Appeal Form http://documents.manchester.ac.uk/DocuInfo.aspx?DocID=1878.  You can seek advice on appeals from the Student Union Advice Centre. You can call in to the office on the 1st floor of the Steve Biko Building, Oxford Road, or telephone 0161 275 2952.


Once you have been through the full process within the University, if you remain dissatisfied, you may be entitled to take your appeal or complaint to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator. - See more at: http://www.studentnet.manchester.ac.uk/crucial-guide/academic-life/formal-procedures/academic-appeals/#sthash.51ek4HGr.dpuf.

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