1.  Introduction

Welcome to the School!  Manchester has one of the largest School of Mathematics in the country with over 90 academic members of staff, over 100 postgraduate research students, and more than 1,000 undergraduate students, and our research interests span across all branches of mathematics from pure to applied to probability/statistics.  Studying for a PhD in Mathematics is a major commitment: sometimes you will find it difficult, but the rewards of making original contributions to research make it all worthwhile.  We hope to make your time here both productive and enjoyable!


1.1 How to read this handbook

This handbook contains most of the information that you will need to study on the PhD programme within the School of Mathematics.  For a briefer, informal, guide you should read the `A very rough guide for PhD students in mathematics' document available at: http://www.maths.manchester.ac.uk/media/eps/schoolofmathematics/study/postgraduate/guide_2014.pdf.  You should also consult the `EPS Graduate Resource book' http://www.researchsupport.eps.manchester.ac.uk/postgraduate_home/getting_started/graduate_resource_book/.  In many places this handbook refers to the University's policies, regulations and guidance documents which are the definitive source of information and rules for your programme.


In this handbook, `postgraduate research students’ or `students’ means both PhD and MPhil students.  


1.2 Points of contact

Your supervisor and supervisory team (see Section 2.1) will be your main point of contact with the School.  However there are other people in the School and University who you may wish to contact.


1.2.1 PGR Programme Directors

The relevant programme director has general oversight of the running of research degrees in their area of mathematics.  The programme directors are:


Actuarial   Science   & Mathematical Finance

Dr   Kees   Van   Schaik

ext.   55853   Rm   2.142   Kees.vanSchaik@manchester.ac.uk


Applied   Mathematics   & Numerical   Analysis

Dr   Catherine   Powell

ext.   63688   Rm   1.124   Catherine.Powell@manchester.ac.uk


Pure   Mathematics   & Mathematical Logic:

Dr   Yuri   Bazlov

ext.   55816   Rm   2.220   Yuri.Bazlov@manchester.ac.uk


Probability   & Statistics:

Dr   Alex   Donev

ext.   63699   Rm   1.132   A.N.Donev@manchester.ac.uk



1.2.2 The Teaching & Learning Office

The Teaching & Learning Office, situated on the ground floor of the Alan Turing Building, can offer advice on administrative matters relating to your programme.  The Postgraduate Administrator is: Anna Bigland (ext. 50176),  e-mail: mathematics@manchester.ac.uk.


1.2.3 The Director of Postgraduate Studies in Mathematics

The Director of Postgraduate (Research) Studies has overall responsibility for postgraduate research programmes in the School. The Director of Postgraduate (Research) Studies is:  Prof Matthias Heil (ext. 55808), email: matthias.heil@manchester.ac.uk


1.2.4 The Head of the School of Mathematics

Professor Peter Duck (ext. 55831).


1.2.5 The Associate Dean of Graduate Education in the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences: 

Professor Ann Webb (ext. 63917).


1.2.6 The Vice-President and Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences


Professor Martin Schroeder (ext. 69111).


A list of staff members in the School of Mathematics, with their room numbers, phone numbers and email addresses is available on the school website. http://www.maths.manchester.ac.uk/people/staff/.

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