Trena Vas

Trena took part in the Interview Programme for first years and was the overall winner, securing herself a place on the 3-day IBM Consulting Experience Programme over the Easter break.

Trena Vas receiving her award from Peter Duck



It is never too early to prepare for your future and this programme is a great stepping stone to progress in your career.

Course: Actuarial Science and Mathematics (3 yrs) [BSc]

Course dates: 2013-2016

Do you think experiencing the interview process will be useful in the future?

The interview programme has been a great way to experience what a real life selection process is like for jobs. Not only is it vital to gain as much experience in the process in order to improve for future applications but it is a great way to practice for those who are planning to apply for an internship for the following academic year.

What were the different stages involved in the programme and what type of support did you receive throughout the process?

The programme includes an application, a paper based numerical reasoning and in-tray exercise followed by a one-to-one interview and a final presentation. For each stage of the process, candidates receive individual feedback on how to improve each aspect. The level of detail in the feedback is excellent as it is unlikely you will receive such in-depth feedback from the majority of firms.

How did you benefit from the Consulting Experience and what skills did you learn?

The prize for the winner of the interview programme was a 3-day consulting experience with IBM. Not only is the prize beneficial for your CV by adding additional experience in a reputable firm, but also provides a greater insight into the consulting industry.

The 3-day experience at Hursley was not only informative but you learn to improve key presentation skills as you pitch to a CEO of a firm and improve teamwork skills by working in groups of 6 with people you have never met. You also get to network with a variety of students and employers of IBM socially, complete challenging group exercises and get a final tour around the beautiful Hursley sight on the final day.

Why would you recommend taking part in the Interview Programme to other first years?

Overall the Interview Programme is brilliant to apply for due to the experience, improving your own skills as well as meeting new people. It is never too early to prepare for your future and this programme is a great stepping stone to progress in your career.

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