Rebecca Drennan

Rebecca graduated with a BSc in Mathematics in 2011 and is now an Executive at EY.

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 Employers are always looking for good people and team-work skills as well as the academic qualifications that come from your degree.

Course: Mathematics (3 years) [BSc]

Course dates: 2008-2011

Did you complete an internship or other work experience whilst at university?Did your internship/ work experience lead directly on to a graduate job or further work?

I completed a summer internship in between my second and third years at Manchester University at Ernst and Young. On completion of this they offered me a job, providing a achieved a 2:1 in my degree.

What has been the highlight of your graduate job so far and your biggest achievement within the role?

My biggest achievement has been completing my Chartered Accountant qualification. The highlight is the mix of people and clients I get to work with every day.

Did you take part in any other schemes, programmes or events during university that you feel helped you secure work after graduation?

A was a part of the PASS team and this was used when filling in application forms.

What advice would you give to students who are applying to graduate level jobs and what skills and experience do you think are necessary to be successful in such an application?

Get involved with lost of different activities that help you develop different skills. Employers are always looking for you to have good people and team-work skills as well as the academic qualifications that come from your degree.

Can you tell us about your experience of the application process and is there any advice you can offer on being successful at each of the various stages of recruitment?

The application process followed the following format:

Application form- this was all online and is the basis for the first interview, you need to ensure that you come up with several varied examples of times when you demonstrated certain skills, and these will be asked about in the interview so try and remember a bit of what you wrote.

Next was the psychometric tests, despite doing a maths degree don't think that the maths ones will be easy!!! Practise a lot for these tests, and make sure when you do them that you have good internet and no distractions!!

Then the first interview- this goes over some of what you wrote in your application and other questions, make sure you research the company you are applying for and search online for questions asked in other peoples interviews.

Next comes the assessment centre with a variety of tasks, looking on some online sites can give you an idea about what they will ask you to do. Mostly importantly be confident and make sure you complete each task and get involved in any group discussions.

Finally an interview with a Partner; this tends to scare most people, however they are just people who work for the business and all that I have meet are perfectly nice!! Just be yourself and be confident, also read up on certain related subjects they might ask you about e.g. mine asked about the recent budget.

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