Mondli Khumalo

Mondli took part in the Interview Programme 2015 and was the overall winner, winning a place on the 3-day IBM Consulting Experience Programme



Even if you're not confident or don't feel ready, the Interview Programme is still a good platform to get a feel of what these processes are like rather than leaving your first time to when it actually matters.

Course: Mathematics with Finance (3 yrs) [BSc]

Course dates: 2014-2017

Do you think experiencing the interview process will be useful in the future?

I didn't think twice about taking part in the Interview programme and saw it as a good opportunity to put my numerical, interview and presentation skills to the test. I fortunately had prior experience of undergoing similar application processes but I was still made aware of some bad habits I was falling into.

How did you benefit from the Consulting Experience and what skills did you learn?

Consulting, let alone with IBM was a career I never considered so I went into the experience with an open mind. As well regarded as IBM is I was pleasantly surprised by the comedic atmosphere upon arrival. As fun as they day began we quickly got work on the project which would last the entirety of the experience.

While preparing for our final presentations to IBM executives, we got an inside look at IBM’s technology that so many businesses such as Facebook rely on. We also got a sneak peak at some of the innovations they’re working on which we may soon see around us. 

As pressuring as the presentations will sound, they were actually an exciting aspect of the experience. We were introduced to a new way of presenting such as story telling. Only armed with a flip-chart, sticky notes and markers, outside the box thinking was encouraged. With that being, they were some interesting and funny performances such as one that team put together nursery song for their presentation.

I made great contacts within IBM from taking part and winning the Interview Programme and now very keen to continue my experience with them. 

Why would you recommend taking part in the Interview Programme to other first years?

For those who have not previously applied for any experience, I strongly advise on taking part. The Interview Programme will give you a real taste of what you can expect when you come to apply for your internships very soon after. One of the important aspects of the application I feel I should address is the numerical reasoning test, which in the programme uses official SHL questions.While studying Mathematics at university will play to your advantage this will only be in the slightest. Hence why practising questions that reflect those of SHL or Kenexa is essential to succeeding in them. 

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