Madeha Nain

Madeha trained and worked as a PASS leader during her second year.

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 Be prepared to be challenged, academically and socially.

Course: Mathematics (3 years) [BSc]

Course dates: 2011-2015

What made you decide to become a PASS leader?

The extra support offered by other students and the informal help provided by senior students.

What training and support was offered leading up to becoming a PASS leader and during the year itself?

There were 3 days of training that all aspiring PASS leaders had to attend. We practiced different techniques to use during PASS sessions and how to keep everyone involved. During the year there were feedback sessions and different socials for everyone to bond and make the most out of the experience.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of training to become a PASS leader and what skills do you think are necessary for the role?

Be prepared to be challenged, academically and socially. Although it may not be obvious at first, students expect you to give them advice on all sorts of issues and honesty is the key for building a strong relationship with your peers. You also need to have excellent communication and team working skills for the role.

What skills have you learnt during your time as a PASS leader that you may find useful in your degree or future career?

Communication and team working skills are the key transferrable skills, which all employers look for, and I think PASS plays a crucial role in equipping the leaders and peers with these skills. Additionally, PASS also helps improve inter-personal and organisation skills.

What was the highlight of working as PASS leader and your biggest achievement within the role?

Preparing worksheets and quizzes was the highlight for me. It meant that I could help the attendees with real past exam questions and clear their misconceptions. My biggest achievement was helping attendees with academic questions.

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