Jenny Tyson-Berry

Jenny has secured a graduate job with PwC after recently completing a penultimate year Summer Internship in Assurance (Financial Services and Pensions) with them.



As long as you are not afraid to ask for help and are willing to work hard, you will learn what you need to during the internship and take away a lot from it.

Course: Mathematics (4 years) [MMath]

Course dates: 2011-2015

How many internships did you apply for before you were successful?

I applied for about 5 internships and gained offers at 2 companies.

Please summarise your career progression since your internship and whether it led on to further work experience.

I received a job offer at the end of my internship. So I'll be starting as an associate in assurance - pensions, September next year.

How do you think the internship has helped you in your degree and future career?

I will have a career to go straight into after graduating and will know what to expect in the job having experienced it for 6 weeks. I also won’t have to worry about applying for jobs in my final year at university.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of applying for an internship and what skills do you think are necessary to be successful in your application?

Internships are invaluable for finding out whether a job and company are suitable for you, and actually finding out what a role entails as it may be very different from your expectations. If you can gain an internship that potentially leads to a job offer and you are successful, then there is a massive weight lifted in your final year at university, being able to focus solely on your studies instead of also endeavouring to gain a job. Important traits are demonstrating research and knowledge of the job and company you have applied for, commercial awareness, strong communication skills and confidence at the interview, passion and willingness to work and learn.

Is there anything you wish you’d done before the placement to help you prepare for either the application process or the work itself?

I completed the basics of accounting booklet that PwC provide prior to starting work. I think knowing more beforehand about the different service lines at PwC, and PwC as a brand may have been useful, however, you are taught this in the first week of training. PwC assume no previous knowledge or experience and the staff are all extremely helpful and always available to help and answer any questions you have, so as long as you are not afraid to ask for help and are willing to work hard, you will learn what you need to during the internship and take away a lot from it.

What was the highlight of your internship and your biggest achievement within the role?

The variety of work I was able to complete during the internship – I worked with a number of different clients each week, made valuable contacts in Assurance and other service lines, and shadowed senior staff, including attending a conference call with a Senior Manager and Director, and interviewing a director to gain an insight into her role at PwC. I also felt valued as an employee at PwC – staff approached me when they had extra jobs to complete so felt I was trusted to complete work to the necessary standard and could help a variety of people. I also received weekly feedback which I could learn from. 

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