Interview Programme

The 2016 Interview Programme is aimed for first and second year students who will be short listed by our third, fourth year and post graduate students.

The School's interview training programme is a peer-assisted programme, designed to ensure that students appraise their application and interviewing skills as early as possible in their university career.

The programme begins with the recruitment of approximately 30, third, fourth year and post graduate students, most of whom will have undertaken the programme as 'applicants' during their first & second year of study. These students are then trained in short-listing and interviewing techniques by professional recruiters from a number of external employers, such as IBM, Deloitte, Teach First and PwC.

Towards the end of the first semester, a number of mock-internships are advertised and all first and second year undergraduate students are encouraged to complete an application for one of these posts. The application deadline will be in early February of the following semester, to ensure that students have ample time for research and to complete the application form. These applications are then appraised and short-listed by our trained higher-level students, under the guidance of staff from the School and Careers Service, and successful candidates are invited to attend the next stage of the process. 

Designed to mirror many of the processes that employers utilise during the graduate recruitment cycle, subsequent stages of the programme include psychometric testing and e-tray exercises, as well as formal interviews for the students that successfully navigate the application stage. Feedback is offered at all stages of the programme to ensure that applicants who do not make it to interview can see why they were unsuccessful and receive advice on how to improve their skills before submitting real-world applications.


Winners of the Interview Programme

Trena Vas 

Trena was the overall winner of the Interview programme 2014 

Mondli Khumalo

Mondli Khumalo

Mondli was the overall winner of the Interview programme 2015 

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