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350. K. Kurdyka, W. Pawlucki:
O-minimal version of Whitney's extension theorem.


Submission: 2014, March 4.

This is a generalized and improved version of our earlier article [KPaw] on the Whitney extension theorem for subanalytic C^p Whitney fields (with p finite). In this new version we consider Whitney fields definable in arbitrary o-minimal structure on any real closed field R and obtain an extension which is C^p-function definable in the same o-minimal structure. The Whitney fields that we consider are defined on any locally closed definable subset of R^n. In such a way, a local version of the theorem is included.

Mathematics Subject Classification (2010): 14P10. Secondary 32B20, 03C64, 14P15.

Keywords and Phrases: Whitney field, o-minimal structure.

Full text, 15p.: pdf 216k.

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