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326. Janusz Adamus, Rasul Shafikov:
On the holomorphic closure dimension of real analytic sets.


Submission: 2011, July 2.

Given a real analytic (or, more generally, semianalytic) set R in a complex space, there is, for every point p of R, a unique smallest complex analytic germ at p that contains the germ of R at p. We call its complex dimension the holomorphic closure dimension of R at p. We show that the holomorphic closure dimension of an irreducible R is constant on the complement of a proper analytic subset of R, and discuss the relationship between this dimension and the CR dimension of R.

Mathematics Subject Classification (2000): 32B20, 32V40.

Keywords and Phrases: real analytic sets, semianalytic sets, holomorphic closure dimension, complexification, Gabrielov regularity, CR dimension.

Full text, 12p.: dvi 69k, pdf 371k.

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