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320. M. Dickmann, F. Miraglia:
Faithfully Quadratic Rings.

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Submission: 2011, February 9.

The aim of this extended research monograph is to lay the groundwork for a theory of quadratic forms over several significant, and quite extensive, classes of preordered rings. By ``quadratic forms'' we understand, here, diagonal quadratic forms with unit coefficients; and ``ring'' stands for commutative unitary ring where 2 in invertible.
We achieve this by the use, in the ring context, of our abstract theory of quadratic forms, the theory of special groups, expounded in \cite{DM2}. For more details on the contents of the monograph the reader is referred to the Preface below.

Mathematics Subject Classification (2000): 11E81, 11E70, 12D15, 03C65, 06E99, 46E25, 54C40.

Keywords and Phrases: Algebraic theory of quadratic forms; preordered rings; special groups; f-rings; algebras of continuous real-valued functions; Archimedean preorders with bounded inversion; K-theory of rings; real spectra of rings.

Full text, 200p.: pdf 1043k.

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