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277. Jaka Cimprič, Murray Marshall, Tim Netzer:
Closures of quadratic modules.

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Submission: 2009, April 9.

We consider the problem of determining the closure $\overline{M}$ of a quadratic module $M$ in a commutative $\Bbb{R}$-algebra with respect to the finest locally convex topology. This is of interest in deciding when the moment problem is solvable \cite{S1} \cite{S2} and in analyzing algorithms for polynomial optimization involving semidefinite programming \cite{L}. The closure of a semiordering is also considered, and it is shown that the space $\mathcal{Y}_M$ consisting of all semiorderings lying over $M$ plays an important role in understanding the closure of $M$. The result of Schm\"udgen for preorderings in \cite{S2} is strengthened and extended to quadratic modules. The extended result is used to construct an example of a non-archimedean quadratic module describing a compact semialgebraic set that has the strong moment property. The same result is used to obtain a recursive description of $\overline{M}$ which is valid in many cases.

Mathematics Subject Classification (2000): 12D15, 14P99, 44A60.

Keywords and Phrases: moment problem, positive polynomials, sums of squares.

Full text, 24p.: dvi 163k, ps.gz 208k, pdf 268k.

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