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144. Ma.Emilia Alonso, Dan Haran:
Covers of Klein Surfaces.

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Submission: 2004, November 5.

In this paper we study certain aspects of the real forms of a ramified covering of the complex projective line by a compact Riemann surface. That is, we are dealing with coverings of Klein surfaces q : Y --> H, where H denotes the upper half plane as a Klein surface, t : X --> Y is the canonical double covering of Y, a nd qt = jp, where j : P --> H is the canonical double covering of the upper half plane by the Riemann sphere. We are especially interested in the case where X/H is Galois, that is |Aut(X/H)| = deg(X/H).

Mathematics Subject Classification (2000): 30F50, 14Q05, 14E20.

Keywords and Phrases: Klein surfaces, Real algebraic curves, Coverings of P1.

Full text, 48p.: dvi 480k, ps.gz 384k, pdf 390k.

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