Yanying Wang

When I first came to the city I fell in love with it. It is modern, lively and cosmopolitan. 


How did you decide on your degree choice? What appealed about Manchester?

I studied for my undergraduate award in Liverpool and majored in mathematics with finance. During my undergraduate studies I found this subject very interesting and useful because it combines theory and practicality.

Manchester is one of the liveliest cities in UK and the University has a great reputation, which is why I choose to study here.

What were your first impressions of the University and the city?

When I first came to the city I fell in love with it. It is modern, lively and cosmopolitan. The people here are friendly too. 

I was deeply impressed by the University of Manchester as well.  When I first came here, I was absorbed by its strong academic atmosphere, it also had excellent buildings and facilities.

What are you most enjoying about your course?

This course is very useful and I enjoy it a lot. I’ve gained practical knowledge from qualified teachers and books.

What skills and attributes do you think you have gained from your course and co-curricular activities so far?

I learned about financial markets and how to managing risks well in this market; for example, the skill in pricing financial derivatives rationally.

How do you think you are benefitting from studying at Manchester?

Manchester is an international city. I can easily broaden my horizons and make friends here. There are also a lot of work opportunities.

What advice would you give to students considering applying for the same course that you took?

This course is a joint programme run by Manchester Business School and the School of Mathematics.  The two subject areas come together when you use mathematical modelling to solve problems within financial marketing. If you do well on this course the job prospects are good. 

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