Staff - Professional support staff

Name Role Tel Location Email
Mr Sebastian Rees Academic and Student Support Administrator 0161-2754632 Alan Turing Building - G.204 
Miss Sarah Fowler Administrative Assistant 0161-2755812 Alan Turing Building - 1.209 
Mr Alex Amato Admissions Assistant 0161-2755826 Alan Turing Building - 1.209 
Ms Claire Henriet Admissions Assistant 0161-2755804 Alan Turing Building 
Ms Abigail Bown Area Coordinator Further Maths Support Programme Alan Turing Building 
Mrs Helen Harper External Affairs & Recruitment 0161-2755856 Alan Turing Building 
Mrs Diane Masterson-Kerr Head of School Administration 0161-2755839 Alan Turing Building - 1.205B 
Mr Tony Mcdonald Health and Safety & Environment Manager 0161-2756118 Kilburn Building - LF 23 
Mrs Susan Tizini P.A. to Professor Peter Duck, Head of School and Diane Masterson-Kerr, Head of School Administration 0161-2755881 Alan Turing Building - 1.205 
Mrs Anna Bigland PG Administrator 0161-2750176 Alan Turing Building - G.202A 
Mrs Joanne Pearson Postgraduate Admissions Administrator 0161-2750178 Alan Turing Building - 1.209 
Miss Bryony Quick Programme Administrator 0161-2755802 Alan Turing Building - G.204 
Dr Stephen Owen Research Support Manager 0161-3063531 Alan Turing Building - 1.112 
Mrs Anna Humble Research Support Officer 0161-3063570 Kilburn Building - 1.126 
Mrs Natalia Stefanovic Research Support Officer 0161-3063572 Kilburn Building - 2.126 
Mrs Clare Calderwood Senior Research Finance Officer 0161-3063530 Alan Turing Building - 1.135 
Miss Tracey Smith Student Support Assistant (Reception) 0161-2755800 Alan Turing Building - G.204 
Dr Christopher Paul System Administrator (Operations) 0161-3063545 Sackville Street Building - B39 
Mrs Francesca Moss Teaching And Learning Administrator 0161-2755899 Alan Turing Building - G204 
Ms Julie Thompson Teaching and Learning Administrative Assistant 0161-2755646 Alan Turing Building - G.204 
Miss Stephanie Keegan Teaching and Learning Administrator 0161-3066415 Alan Turing Building - G.204 
Mr John White Teaching and Learning Team 0161-2755801 Alan Turing Building - G.204 
Mr James Platt Temp Staff 
Mr James Platt Temp Staff 
Mrs Julia Newbold Undergraduate Secretary Alan Turing Building 
Mr Lenox Green Undergraduate/pgt Admissions Assistant 0161-2750174 Alan Turing Building - 1.209 
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