Monitoring Manufacturing with Electrical Resistance Tomography

Dr. Thomas Rodgers (University of Manchester)

Frank Adams 2,

Process tomography consists of tomographic imaging of systems, such as process pipes in industry. In tomography, the 3D distribution of some physical quantity in the object is determined. This is achieved by taking measurements around the periphery of an object to determine what is going on inside that object. There is a widespread need to get tomographic information about industrial processes. This information can be used, for example, in both the design and control of these processes. The main advantage of process tomography is that it can provide monitoring of a large area rather than a point measurement.

This presentation provides a number of examples of the use of Electrical Resistance Tomography in monitoring chemical engineering processes. These examples include mixing in multi-phase process vessels, monitoring pipeline, and examining material properties inferring microstructure.

There are number of challenges remaining in this area including data processing, image reconstruction, comparison with models, and application of imaging modalities in real applications.

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