Complex dynamics in multiscale systems

Prof. Serafim Kalliadasis (Imperial College London)

Frank Adams 1,

Understanding the evolution of complex multiscale systems is crucial from a fundamental but also the applications' point of view. For instance, many engineering systems are complex and multiscale and understanding their dynamics has the potential to predict a specific system's behavior, engineer its design and build-in response to arrive at a highly optimal and robust system. We combine elements from homogenization theory, nonlinear science, statistical physics, critical phenomena and information theory to develop a number of novel and generic methodologies that enable us to undertake the rigorous and systematic study of the emergence of complex behavior in multiscale systems. The methodologies are exemplified with paradigmatic prototypes from different classes of complex systems such as interface dynamics in disordered media, fluids in confinement, convectively unstable open flows and stochastic multiscale processes.

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