5 Minute Introductory Talks I

Various (The University of Manchester)

ATB Frank Adams 1,

A number of short talks introducing a few of the applied maths PhD students in the department and their research areas in a lighthearted manner.

Speaking in this session are:

  • Jonathan Deakin
"Noisy Things in Big Places"
  • Alex Hiles
"A Magnetic Induction Tomography Inverse Problem"
  • Massimiliano Fasi
"Computing Matrix Functions"
  • Georgia Lynott
"Scattering from Arrays, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the BEM"
  • Puneet Matharu
"Computing Time-Periodic Solutions of PDEs Directly"
  • Chico Rocha
"Granular Avalanches: Some Experiments, One Simulation But No Equations"
  • Will Rowley
"Acoustic Metamaterials"
  • Aaron Russell
"Retrogressive Failure of a Static Granular Layer on an Inclined Plane"
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