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Köln 2017
Hamburg-Harburg 2016 Magdeburg 2015 Barcelona 2014 Wuppertal 2013 Chateau Liblice 2012 Bremen 2011
Novi Sad 2010
Zurich 2009
Hamburg-Harburg 2008
Harrachov 2007 Düsseldorf 2006 Dresden 2005
Hagen 2003
Braunschweig 2003 Bielefeld 2002
Berlin 2001
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The GAMM Activity Group on Applied and Numerical Linear Algebra aims at fostering collaboration in its field through the organization of scientific conferences and workshops. Therewith the fundamental methodical topics will be linked systematically to the different application areas. The Activity Group aims to further a good collaboration of all researchers in these fields in Germany and Europe. The contact to the SIAM Special Activity Group on Applied Linear Algebra and to ILAS (International Linear Algebra Society) will be actuated.

Due to their present popularity, the following subjects are of particular interest:

  • iterative methods
  • algebraic multilevel methods and preconditioners
  • eigen- and singular value computation (especially their highly accurate computation)
  • structure-preserving methods (e.g. for symplectic or Hamiltonian systems)
  • structure-exploiting methods (e.g. for Toeplitz or Hankel matrices)
  • matrices with random entries (e.g. from statistical modelling in physics)
  • spectral graph theory
  • matrix functions
  • numerical methods for linear control (e.g. stabilization, robust control)
  • numerical methods in signal processing (e.g. fast Fourier transformation, wavelet transformation)
  • numerical methods for PDEs (iterative methods, preconditioning)
  • model reduction
  • numerical methods for ODEs (e.g. exponential integrators)
  • numerical methods for Markov chains
  • grid partitioning
  • applications in biomathematics and data mining


  • Organization of an annual workshop
  • Organization of Oberwolfach and Dagstuhl meetings
  • Organization of minisymposia at larger conferences
  • Co-operation with SIAM and ILAS