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Cryptography Competition.
(edition 2016: #5).
You are reading the website of the 2016 edition of the competition, which ended on Saturday 30th April at 11:59 pm.

Mike and Ellie will return for a new adventure next year!

The website for that new edition, to start in January 2017, appears in December here. If you would like to receive a reminder around that time by email please look here. For any particular enquiries you can contact us on cryptography_competition@manchester.ac.uk.
The Tale of the



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The Alan Turing

Cryptography Day


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Chapter 6 of the Tale of The Artificial Adventure.

Barquith arrived at the University of Manchester in good time for the start of CoSAIM. "City of Science: Artificial Intelligence in Manchester," muttered Barquith. "Computers have come a long way since I was young!" He stood in the foyer, waiting for Mike and Ellie to arrive. The venue got busier and busier. "They must already be here," he thought to himself, and wandered in to look around.

The exhibition hall contained several large stands, each occupied by a major technological company or research lab. Towards the front was a large stage with `CoSAIM Takes The Turing Test!' projected onto the wall. The whole venue was packed out with hundreds of people.

Barquith continued to walk around the hall, looking for Mike and Ellie. "I'm starting to worry," he thought to himself. "They must be here somewhere, but I can't find them anywhere. I hope Eliza didn't get to them first."

Eventually the lights dimmed and a man walked out on stage. "Welcome to CoSAIM!" he said. "I'll be your host for the evening. And tonight we'll be seeing demonstrations of some of the most powerful and advanced computers on the planet! Maybe we'll see the first computer that can successfully pass the Turing Test! You, the audience, will decide which of the many computers demonstrated on this very stage give responses that are indistinguishable from those a human would give." "The winning entrant will win one million pounds!" he announced.

There was palpable excitement from the audience as the first team walked on stage. They booted their computer, but it was clear from very early on that they had little more than a chatbot. "Primitive 1970s technology!" said Barquith to himself. "Now where can Mike and Ellie be?"

The next few competitors were equally disappointing and the audience was starting to lose interest. "And now," said the host, "the first of the big guns. Will you please welcome Professor Eliza Weizenbaum and Geshtu from EKA-labs to the stage!" The crowd, their interest now restored, applauded wildly as Eliza walked on and Geshtu was wheeled on stage.

"Thank you," said Eliza. "Geshtu is the most advanced computer in the world. She has been programmed and trained to perfectly mimic every aspect of the human personality. And I'd like to introduce her to you."

"I'm sure we're about to see something very interesting," said the host.

As Eliza went to turn Geshtu on, Barquith held up his phone. "I don't know where Mike and Ellie are, but I'm sure they would want to hear this", he said as he started to record Eliza's conversation with Geshtu.

Click the `play' button above to listen to Barquith's recording. If you do not see a `play' button in your browser, or for some other reason would prefer to listen to the recording `off line' you can also download it as an audio file (it is an mp3 file). You might need to right-click the link and then select `Save as' if you are using Internet Explorer or Safari.

Your task:

You can listen to Barquith's recording by clicking the `play' button on the above audio player - or use the link to download the recording and play it using your favourite audio player. Your task is to decode the message hidden in this broadcast. Once you have done that, submit your answer to the question below.

Question: What is the 10th word of the message?
Your answer:

You can not submit your answer since the Competition has now closed.