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            Cryptography Competition.
                                           (edition 2013: #2).
You are reading the website of the 2013 edition of the competition, which ended on Wednesday 1st May at 12:00 am. We are planning to run a new edition next year, to start in January. The website for the current edition can be found here. For any particular enquiries you can contact us on cryptography_competition@manchester.ac.uk.
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The Tale of the
Egyptian Enigma
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Chapter 6 of the Tale of the Egyptian Enigma.

The following day, Mike and Ellie were back at the cafe. "You two are such a pair of regulars we should give you your own seat" joked the barrista behind the counter as they ordered their usual fruit juice and cake.

"What should we do next?" wondered Mike as they went to sit down. "We know all about the Egyptian Enigma device, but we don't have the message that Barquith sent to Haworth with the location of the statue."

"Well, there are those random letters written on the other side of Haworth's manuscript under his diagram of the device. Maybe that's the code", said Ellie.

"And I think I'm starting to see how the machine works", said Mike, "but we need the control disk. That broken section on the diagram reminds me of something, but I just can't think what."

"I know where I've seen the control disk!", exclaimed Ellie. "It must be the final piece that Newman was going on about."

"That's it!", said Mike. "Now we just need to work out the starting position of the machine...".

"...and which direction to turn the handle!", added Ellie.

As they were poring over the diagram, Mike caught a glimpse of white hair from the corner of his eye. "Oh hello Mr Barquith", said the barrista, and Ellie's ears pricked up. "What's that? No you haven't missed them, they're sitting in their usual spot over there."

"Mike", whispered Ellie, "I was right. Mr B. is Barquith".

Mike looked up. Behind Ellie he could see the white-haired gentleman walking towards them, a strange look on his face. "I think you're right", said Mike. "Let's run! We need to find somewhere safe..."

The two children left their cakes half-eaten and ran outside, heading towards the sanctuary of the Alan Turing Building. As they did so, Barquith followed at a steady inexorable pace, his eyes set with steely determination.

"Back so soon?" asked Jo, as they bumped into the enthusiastic young lecturer whom they had met earlier that week. Ellie saw the grim shape of Barquith's silhouette approaching. "Quick", she said, "is there anywhere we can hide? We've got a code to crack and there's no time to lose!"

"You can use my office", said Jo, "it's upstairs. It looks like you need some peace and quiet - I'll make sure you're not disturbed."

"Thanks", shouted Mike over his shoulder as he and Ellie ran up the stairs. "Don't let that Barquith into the building!".

Your task:

The diagram shows Haworth's sketched reconstruction of the broken Egyptian Enigma machine, together with Barquith's code. Your task is to decipher Barquith's code.

As the competition is closed now no solutions can be submitted anymore.
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