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Cryptography Competition.
(edition 2015: #4).
The Tale of the



Is released!
Points available: 1 of 15
Is released!
Points available: 1 of 15
Is released!
Points available: 2 of 15
(Until 2 Mar, 4:04 pm)
Is released!
Points available: 7 of 15
(Until 28 Feb, 4:14 pm)
Chapter 5
Due: Mon 9 Mar, 4 pm
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Chapter 6
Due: Mon 23 Mar, 4 pm
Due: Mon 13 Apr, 4 pm

The Alan Turing

Cryptography Day


Want to come over to Manchester for a bit of live crypto stuff, the prize ceremony and an opportunity to meet the organisers?

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Hint for Chapter 4
Posted by Charles on Wednesday 25th February at 4:31 pm.
"At last!" said Mike, as he took out a notepad and pen. "I can do some frequency analysis!"

A few minutes later, Mike was chewing …
Cryptography Day
Posted by Sebastian on Monday 23rd February at 1:05 pm.
Dear All,

Just to remind you that we will be allocating spaces to the 2nd Alan Turing Cryptography Day shortly after the 2nd March. If you …
Hint for Chapter 3
Posted by Charles on Friday 20th February at 4:15 pm.
"That's typical of Lord Porterfield," said Mike. "He's using this tragedy as a way of promoting his company."

"I'm not so sure," said Ellie. …
Hint for Chapter 2
Posted by Sebastian on Thursday 12th February at 4:01 pm.
"Richard of York? Doesn't that have something to do with rainbows," said Mike.
"Yes, it's a mnemonic for the order of colours. Maybe we should we …
Chapter One Prizes
Posted by Sebastian on Friday 6th February at 10:59 am.
Dear All,

Due to the technical issues affecting chapter one, there is no prize for the first team to solve the clue. However, we have drawn …
Bonus Chapter
Posted by Sebastian on Friday 30th January at 6:08 pm, last edited by Kees on Friday 30th January at 10:27 pm.
Dear Cryptographers,

As you will be aware, we had a few technical issues with the website when the first chapter was released on Monday 26 January. …
Cryptography Day Registration now open!
Posted by Kees on Thursday 29th January at 1:18 am.
Dear all,

registration for the Alan Turing Cryptography Day 2015 is now open! Note the following paragraph on that page:

"Registration will be open until Sunday …
Cryptography Day Registration
Posted by Sebastian on Wednesday 28th January at 2:41 pm.
Hi All,

Due to the problems we experienced with the site on Monday, we have been a little delayed in getting the registration opened for the …
Website Problems -- update
Posted by Kees on Tuesday 27th January at 11:43 am.
Dear all cryptography competition teams,

Firstly, sincere apologies again for the IT problems we had with the website yesterday during and shortly after the release of …
Website Problems
Posted by Sebastian on Monday 26th January at 4:44 pm.
Dear all,

We are aware that some of you are having difficulaty accessing the site and code. Please continue to solve the code as soon as …