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The Alan Turing
Cryptography Competition.
edition 2018
The Tale of the



Is released!
Points available: 1 of 15
Is released!
Points available: 1 of 15
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Points available: 1 of 15
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Points available: 2 of 15
(Until 26 Feb, 5:09 pm)
Chapter 5
Due: Mon 26 Feb, 4 pm
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Chapter 6
Due: Mon 12 Mar, 4 pm
Due: Mon 9 Apr, 4 pm

The Alan Turing

Cryptography Day


Want to come over to Manchester for a bit of live crypto stuff, the prize ceremony and an opportunity to meet the organisers?

Find out more!

The Alan Turing Cryptography Day.

The Alan Turing Cryptography Day 2018 will be held on

Wednesday 25th April 12:00pm - 4:00pm
in the Alan Turing Building at The University of Manchester.

Come to Manchester and:

  • Show off your code-cracking skills in a unique live challenge,
  • Learn more about cryptography and the mathematics behind it,
  • Attend the prize-giving ceremony,
  • Meet other cryptographers and the competition organisers.

Registration form

If you want to come along to the Alan Turing Cryptography Day please ask your teacher (or parent/carer for home-schoolers) to fill in the form below. You are of course welcome to bring other accompanying adults, but we want to give as many places as possible to young cryptographers! It is not necessary for you to be taking part in (this edition of) the Competition, however priority will be given to Competition participants if we get more registrations than we have places available.

The person submitting the form will receive an email asking to confirm their registration. Further details concerning the organisation of the Alan Turing Cryptography Day will be sent in due time. Our admin staff may contact you on your email address should they have any queries. Financial support towards travel costs will be available to enable widening participation and for the prize winners; please check the corresponding box below if you would like to be considered.

Registration will be open until Sunday 25th March. However, as we are aware that schools require as much time as possible to make travel arrangements, we shall start allocating spaces on or shortly after Monday 26th February. Therefore, if you wish to attend the day, we strongly recommend that you register your interest before Sunday 25th February.

In case of any queries please contact us on cryptography_competition@manchester.ac.uk.

Email address:
School name:
Number of children I would like to bring:
Number of adults I would like to bring (incl. myself):
I would like to be considered for financial support:
I am bringing children from the following team(s) taking part in this edition of the Competition: